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Welcome to Waygara Petting Farm!


We can be hired to do Petting Farms and Pony Rides across East and Central Gippsland. We're a local family business with a great reputation! We are fully mobile. That is, the Petting Farm is not set up on our property - we bring the animals to you! If you'd be interested coming to a petting farm at our place, rest assured, it's in the works! Feel free to send us some encouragement - email us via the 'Contact us' page!


What do we offer?

Glad you asked! We do all sorts. Whether you're after a little Petting Farm for a birthday party, a bigger one for a local market, a custom one for a fete, or a huge one for a public event, we've got you covered! We even do special educational Petting Farms for schools or groups. Our ponies give rides for parties, tourists and more. And we are always adding to our list of can-do events!


What sort of animals do we have?

We've got a real variety here at Waygara! Our menagerie includes: Mini and Shetland ponies, all sorts of goats, Damara and fleece sheep, Huacaya alpacas, peacocks, purebred poodles, various ducks, guinea fowl, chooks of all descriptions, lopped and dutch rabbits and bazillions of guinea pigs. You can see the animals’ individual breed pages on the parent site,

Most of these animals produce babies, and (although we'd love to!) we can't keep them all! So if you are looking for goat kids, guinea pig babies, rabbits, chickens or one of the other above-mentioned creatures, check out the For Sale page, or our Facebook sale page. We have been breeding most of these animals for some time, so we bring a heap of experience with us to our Petting Farm excursions.


If you’re after a Petting Farm or some pony rides at your place, or for an event you are organising, you can check out the Petting Farm Further Info page, or straight to the Petting Farm Prices page. If you're interested in a fun, educational experience for your school, check out the Educational Petting Farms page! You can also find Waygara Petting Farm on Facebook! There you can see lots of photos as well as updates and news. 'Like' it if you like!


Feel free to browse, or contact us about any questions you have or suggestions you’d like to make.


Thanks heaps for visiting!


The Waygara Petting Farm Team

 - Victoria, Australia


Petting Farm, Petting Zoo, Mobile Farm, Children's Zoo ... having fun, it's what we do!