We currently run a small herd of Damaras. Some of them are purebred and some are part Dorper. Damaras are a meat breed which self-sheds it's hair/wool, absolutely NO shearing required if it is of decent quality. A Damara cross may need crotching, but a purebred will not grow any fleece like a normal sheep, rather they grow a little bit of hair-like wool over winter which sheds in Spring, like a goat sheds it's winter coat. They also store their fat in their tails and so their meat is quite lean. A Damara browses on trees and shrubs as well as grass, the same as a goat. They are hardier and more drought-resistant than many other breeds of sheep and come in many different colours and patterns. Damaras are normally horned, but can be disbudded in the same manner as a goat, which we do ourselves, and are occasionally polled.



Ram ~-~ Born: July 2009

Colour: black with white socks


Spooky was our first ram, who we got along with Caramel Cream in January 2010. He was six months old when we got him, and had been partially bottle raised so was a lot tamer than Caramel but still very flighty. For example, he wouldn't even eat out of our hand when we got him, although he would come up and eat from a tray beside us. Spooky has had quite a few lambs, both for us and a friend who leases him for her ewes.



Ewe ~-~ Born: September 2009

Colour: Brown and white splashed


Marauda is quite lightly built, but has been getting more solid in her second year. She doesn't appear to be a purebred, because she grows quite a scruffy, though not very long, coat, however she is actually beautifull marked underneath - you can see the edge of her giraffe-like splotches in the photo below.

She had a brown and white ram lamb in February 2011 soon after we got her. Marauda lambed to Spooky with a sweet little ewe on the 24th of May 2012. Safari, as she has been named, was getting too wild being raised on her aptly-named mother, so we took her and started bottle feeding, and now she is extremely friendly and a happy, healthy girl, sold to a loving family. Marauda recently lambed with a beautiful dark red and white ram, on the 8th of September 2013. Below is Marauda with day-old Safari.



Ewe ~-~ Born: September 2007

Colour: Cream, tan and white


Dapple is a heavy-set ewe who we think has a bit of Dorper in her as she grows some fleece and has a docked tail. She puts everything into her babies, and her 2011 baby, Whytie, was bigger than her at five months old. The baby before Whytie, also sired by Spooky, was a beautiful black and white spotted and splashed ewe owned by a friend. Dapple has now lambed again, on the 7th of July 2012, with another beautiful black and white splashed ewe! Lolly was sold as a pet, but below is Dapple with her.



Adult ewe ~-~ Born: 23rd April 2011

Colour: white with black head


Mum: Taffie

Cowrie is a Damara X Dorper, so doesn't have a fat tail and has quite a bit more wool to shed than the purebreds. She is also more solidly built than our other Damaras. Cowrie lambed with a lovely little girl on the 7th July 2012, who was sold as a pet, and then lambed again, on the 8th of September 2013, with a second girl! :) Both Dorper coloured, second little one is for sale.




Coffee Latte

Adult ewe ~-~ 18th November 2011

Colour: Dark brown and white splashed


Latte is a sweet and extremely friendly bottle fed girl who we bought from Damfattail stud in December 2011. She lambed with her first, a very sweet little girl, white and black, on the 1st of September 2013.



Yearling ewe ~-~ 17th November 2012

Colour: White


Dad: Baltic ~-~ Mum: Caramel Cream

Flash was an accident, from our fleece ram getting in with Caramel, but she is a very nice and very big young girl, who is hopefully in lamb to Spooky.


We have also had two more baby ewe lambs and a ram lamb born, contact us or check out for photos and information.


Sold - check out 'for sale' page for more details

Photos of a few of our past Damaras:












Caramel Cream

Ewe ~-~ Born: September 2009

Colour: Brown and white spotted


Caramel was our first ewe, and we got her as a four-month-old lamb in January 2010. Caramel had her first baby in October 2010, a black and white ram lamb named Spookara, and her next baby, a brown and white splashed ewe lamb named Carooky, in June 2011. She had another lamb, a sweet little white and tan/brown ewe, on the 24th of April 2012, who has been named Kontiki. Her last baby, Flash, a white girl born on the 17th of November 2012, is now with our Damara herd too.
Very sadly, our sweet Caramel Cream passed away in early 2013.
Below is Caramel at a year old with Spookara, her first lamb.