We have two main types of sheep here: fleece sheep, of varying breeds and crossbreeds, and Damaras, who are a meat breed. Click on the links at left to see more info about our sheep. We also have sheep for sale: check out the for sale page at left.

For more info on Damaras check out this site: which has a lot of photos and info. We got our first two Damaras, Caramel Cream and Spooky in 2009, plus our latest ewe lamb Coffee Latte in 2011, from them. (Below is Coffe Latte at ~ 6 months)

Here is a photo of some of our fleece sheep in late 2009. The ewe at the back right is Creamcake, who we still own. The other ewe (at left) is Little Miss, the adult wether in the middle right is Hubble, and the lamb is Smackeral, all three of whom were sold soon after the photo was taken.