We have quite a few rabbits at the moment, of several different breeds. For more photos, see Rabbit Photos

Currently for sale:

Two young Mini Lop females, one black, one sooty grey, ready early December. $35 each
Four young Mini lop males, steel grey, sooty grey, cream and white butterfly. $25 each
Two young adult Dutch males, black and white. $25 each. 

To be available: Dutch and Mini Lop babies, early 2014. From $25 each.


Mini Lops:

We're currently got a lot of Mini lop rabbits, including the following girls:
Tulipa and Aquele, opal (cream/sooty grey)

Eclipse, pure black 

Apricot and Dusk, creamy gold

Polleness, gold and white butterfly/harlequin

Sugar Dust, white and silver mottled

Butterfly, black and white butterfly

Frolique, silver and white butterfly

And boys:
Zeke, pure black

Moustachio, black and white butterfly

Below is Tulipa as a baby with her sister. 



Dutch Rabbits:

We are keeping two young stud males, a grey and white male, named Freddo, and one chocolate and white male named Titus, as well as a black female called Prettoo and her grey daughter Lillette. 

Here is Prettoo's mum Lilac when she was younger:

For lots more photos of our Dutch babies, check out or and click on the 'Dutch rabbits' album.



New Zealand Giant crosses:

We have gotten completely out of NZ Giants, but may be able to put people in touch with the buyers of ours'. Here are some photos of those we did have:


Below are some photos of her previous litter when they were little.

Here is the blue/grey and white girl

Two boys and a birl

Queenie,  is in the main photo up the top, she is a large creamy rabbit, and that photo is from mid 2010.

Here she is on the 29th October 2011, looking like a slightly care-worn mother with her bouncy baby