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Petting Farm Prices


These prices were last revised and updated on the 2nd of September 2015.



To estimate your costs, make sure you start with where you are. Or, more exactly, how far away you are from our farm!


Travel costs: $0.75 per km per vehicle from Waygara, Victoria, each way. 




Waygara to Lakes Entrance, 1 vehicle: approx. 47 km. $0.75 X 47 = $35.25 Two ways estimated as $70. So, if you were hiring us to do a Mini or a Double Mini in Lakes Entrance, our first cost would be approximately $70, and then we'd add on the petting farm costs, as listed below.


Petting Farms!



Mini Petting Farm


Animals: 6-10 Guinea pigs, 3-6 rabbits, 8-12 baby chicks and one or two goat kids or lambs.


Price: $140 first hour, $80 every hour after


Size: Approx. 3m by 4m


Minimum 1 hour



The Mini Petting Farm is great for little peoples' birthday parties. Very mobile, very easy to customise (at no extra charge), very adorable!




Double Mini Petting Farm


Animals: 10-15 Guinea pigs, 4-8 rabbits, 10-20 baby chicks, one or two goat kids or lambs.


Price: $180 first hour, $120 every hour after


Size: Approx. 4m by 5m


Minimum 1 hour


If the Mini is a little too mini, double it! Bigger parties, functions, etc. will find this option perfect. Still very easy to customise, etc. This size is often used for fetes, markets and other public events.




Maxi Petting Farm


Animals: Lots of guinea pigs, chicks and rabbits, silky hens, goat kids, lambs, adult goats (dairy, meat and fleece breeds), adult sheep (meat and fleece breeds), an alpaca, and optional young pony, calf and puppies if available.


Price: $250 first hour, $200 every hour after


Size: Approx. 10m by 10m


Minimum 2 hours



This is the real deal ... we can fit lots of kids in this set up. And lots of adults, too, as we have discovered! We will need a reasonable amount of notice before doing a Maxi. We bring our own signage, fences, queue, etc.
Below is a Maxi in 2012 



Other Options:



Mini Pony rides: $75 per hour


With Black Jack, Asia, Noah, Ebony and Lily, we turn little earth-bound people into little horse riders! We provide safety-rated helmets and of course the child-size saddle.



Most of our ponies are Miniatures, not Shetlands or other ponies - they really are very small, and not suitable for most children over 9 years of age. We reserve the right to decide if a child is too heavy for the ponies to carry. You should consider 40 kg as a maximum.


Spinning demonstrations and lessons: $40 per hour

Spinning wool into yarn on an old spinning wheel! With alpaca, sheep and goat fleece to choose from, kids and adults can try their hand at this ancient craft and take home their own bit of hand-spun yarn. Educational and very rustic!

Goat milking demonstrations and lessons: $40 per hour


We have our own herd of dairy goats and we milk goats each morning and evening year round. Depending on your needs we could demonstrate hand milking or even provide the opportunity for folk to have a go hands on! Usually both children and adults love to have a try.


This is an option we are thinking of developing. What do you think?

Photographic Evidence

Get designer photos of your kids with the animals or on a pony! Instantly printed, high-quality photos, in full colour and/or old-time style. Add this option to a Petting Farm for photos of kiddies with the baby animals, or add to Pony Rides to fulfill your little cowboy/cowgirl's dream! Go for the full regalia - fitted cowboy hat (on safety helmet), boots, western saddle, buckaroo's vest and belt buckle - or opt for the reality look, the kid on a pony with a smile.





Note on prices: If we've quoted you a price, but you do not confirm, we reserve the right to edit the quote if our price list changes. As we buy often-expensive equipment, change animals' feed, etc. it may become necessary to change our prices. Once you have booked us though, the price you've agreed to is the price you'll pay! If we are unable to do part or all of a booking we will refund you.

Please remember, we may not have all animals available at all times.

Custom Petting Farms are easy to arrange! Feel free to contact us for a quote - no obligation to hire.



Visit the Petting Farm Further Info page for more information.