We have mixed Silver and Gold Pencilled, Standard Wyandottes. One of the hens is purebred Silver Pencilled, and the other three hens are 3/4 Silver, 1/4 Gold Pencilled (Partridge). Unfortunately our lovely rooster, 7/8ths Silver Pencilled and 1/8th Gold Pencilled, passed away mid October 1012. This combination had Gold Pencilled pullets, Silver Pencilled pullets and cockerals, and Silver/Gold Pencilled cockerals, but depending on which Pencilled rooster we get, it may be different. (if you have one available, please let me know!) Currently I have a 1/2 Wyandotte 1/2 Jungle Fowl rooster in with the hens so that the eggs will at least be fertile, but the schicks will of course be cheaper.


Purebred eggs are $40 dozen pickup, or $50.15 plus postage. (As of October 17th, no purebred eggs available, but if you want some please email and reserve a dozen so that you are first in line when I get a new rooster and they are available again)

Newly hatched chicks are $5 each or $12 for three, plus $1 per chick per week I keep them. (as of October 17th, no chicks currently available, as I have a waiting lit for pullets, but when they are old enough to sex there should be plenty of purebred cockerals available)

Crossbreds are $25 for a dozen eggs and $3.50 at hatching.


Here is a photo of our adult hens and late rooster:

And another of two of the hens:

And one of one of their adult Gold Pencilled daughters, who we kept:

(her eye looks a bit funny since she moved just as I took the photo and it got blurred)