We have a trio of white Silkies and a dark grey hen, with some white chicks for sale.

One of the hens is the last of her bloodline which we bought, and her name is Matey Girl. We got her father Plum (who was sired by a $300 rooster) as a chick, and her mother Peach (who was Res. Champ at Melbourne Royal).

Our current rooster we got as a chick from another friend, and his name is Jasock. Our other hen we got from someone else as a chick, and she is little zoomy girl named Arctic.
The last hen, the grey girl whose name is Tundra, I got from an auction. :) I will hopefully get photos up of her eventually as well. 


Chicks are $5 each at hatching, then $1 per week after that. Eggs are $30 per dozen.


This is Jasock and Matey Girl in 2011

This is a Silkie pullet - now sold, but a daughter of the above pair