Jungle Fowl

We have a small breeding group of purebred Jungle Fowl, and also quite a lot of Jungle Fowl crosses.


These chickens are closely related to the wild Red Jungle fowl (the ancestors of many domestic chickens) and as a result, are often much more independant and can tend to be more flighty than many other breeds, as well as being prone to roaming, and being good flyers. This can be overcome by clipping their wings (a painless and easy procedure, but not wanted by everyone) and keeping them in a large yard, or by having them in a covered enclosure, such as an orchard.
Jungle Fowl are very good at looking after themselves, need much less food than other breeds as they are a small, light build and prefer foraging if space allows. They are also normally very good mothers, regularly hatching 6-14 chicks and raising all of them if foxes and hawks are not a problem - and sometimes even when they are.

Price and updates:

Currently (as of the 27th August) we are getting a small amount of eggs, so will sell them by the half dozen.

They are $15 for a half dozen.

Purebred Jungle Fowl chicks (none currently available, but some due to hatch very soon) are $4 each from hatching to one week old, and then $1 per week after that. Some Jungle Fowl crosses are also available.

For more information and photos, or to order chicks or eggs, contact me via the link at left.



Purebred young adult Jungle Fowl rooster

Purebred Jungle Fowl hen (with clipped wings, and sitting on chicks, so not looking her best)