Guinea Fowl

We breed Guinea Fowl in Pearl, Pearl pied and just starting in Lavender.

Guinea fowl originate from Africa (who can see and hear them in some documentaries about lions, zebras, giraffes and elephants etc.) and are very unique birds. They are one of those things that everyone either loves or hates - they are very noisy, not always extremely smart, and very weird looking. We like them running around though, and they are extremely good for controlling grasshoppers and other problem insects, as well as sounding the alarm over the presence of snakes. Some guinea fowl will actually kill snakes, but it depends on the size and composition of the flock. Most importantly for us, guinea fowl eat paralysis ticks, and our problem tick population has effectively disappeared since getting guinea fowl.

Guinea fowl keets are normally available from late spring to early Autumn, and are $5-10 depending on size. Adults are $15-25 depending on age. Eggs may also be available.

 Photos to come :)