We currently have a small group of breeding Frizzles, plus many roosters for sale.

My breeding frizzles change regularly, but currently are: one orange, white and black rooster, one grey and cream/gold rooster, one black and gold hen, one grey with gold hen, and one black hen, plus I am keeping at least one, hopefully a few younger pullets, and may keep one of my many pretty roosters.

For Sale/Prices:

Roosters available: many colours and ages, $5 each.

Eggs are $25 a dozen, not including postage, when available. Chicks are $4 each at hatching,increasing by $1 per week of age. (until definitely sexed as roosters)



A bright Gold hen I had -Sunwhiz



My mixed gold and black rooster, Pepita Boy (aka Old Mr. Frizzle)


Tevye, my grey and cream/gold male when he was younger:

My bantam pair, Tevye and Havilah: