Crossbred Layer Chickens

We have quite a large flock of standard size hens, mainly Isa Browns with a few crossbreds, Plymouth Rocks, Light Sussex Xs and Black Hylines thrown in. They are in with two Light Sussex X roosters and a Rhode Island Red boy, who will be a monster when he is full grown but is a very gentle, sweet young boy despite his huge size.

These chooks are good layers, and supply our eggs to eat, as well as plenty for me to hatch. Since they are normal-sized, good laying chooks, and the chicks are crossbred, I sell them simply as crossbred layers.

Many of the babies are auto-sexing, due to the fact that there is a large proportion of Isa Brown Xs, however, since two of the roosters are Light Sussex, some of the light coloured chicks may be Light Sussex coloured pullets instead of Isa Brown cockerals, and there are also other unsexed chicks, including black and grey.


Eggs are $15 a dozen, and chicks are $3.50 each up to one week old, or 3 for $9. Large orders are welcome, and I can keep chicks at $1 per week per chick.