We have had Aracaunas for some years now, although we only have two from our old bloodlines here.

Our rooster is purebred, he was black when young, then turned red, and just as of 2012 has been turning white for some mysterious reason. His name is Jehoiachim, but he probably hasn't been called that for years. He is known as Bop, which he aquired when, at around five weeks old, he thrashed his hatching mate Marcus. Bop's full brother, us having a lot of imagination, was called Pob. (Bop backwards) Pob was sold to someone else for breeding, and Bop has reigned here over some hens or other for several years. One of our hens is his daughter, only half Aracauna. She is also black, but has a gold chest.

This is her:


Our other three hens, one black and two lavender, are purebred which I bought as eggs. None of them are crested, but they are all bearded. (though only small)
Some eggs from the 1/2 Aracauna hen are hatching, so the chicks are 3/4 Aracauna, but none of them are currently (as of May 18th) laying, so no eggs available and soon no more chicks. They will hopefully all start laying again in Spring.


Eggs will be $20-30 a dozen, not including postage. Chicks are $3 for crossbreds, and will be $4 for purebreds.