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Petting Farm Further Info

Whether in small areas, large areas, sloped  ground, asphalt ground, with lively kids or nursing home residents, we can cater for a wide variety of situations.

But while your satisfaction is very important to us, it's not the most important thing! Most important to us is the health and well-being of our animals. So we reserve the right to cancel an event in extreme weather or if we consider the situation to be harmful to our animals. Situations in which we will cancel or be unable to register a booking include:

  • When the weather is 35 degrees Celsius or over, when the animals would not get home till after midday 
  • Extreme wind/rain/hail
  • The animals are unwell

If these circumstances do occur, we will contact you about a refund.

Trusting that these situations will no occur, here are details on our Petting Farms!




For smaller, enclosed areas, such as would suit a Mini Petting Farm, we bring a small portable pen. This set-up would usually require two staff members. Then, one can be in the pen with the animals, handing them out, and the other can be available to help customers hold the animals and make sure no one goes unnoticed.

In every set up we bring:

  • hay bales for the kids to sit on (you can provide other seating of your choice if you prefer)
  • lap cloths
  • hand disinfectant
  • shade / rain shelter

Whether in a nursing home courtyard or your immaculate front yard, in a corner of an indoor market or at a private family party, we are very flexible and can modify how we work to fit with your wishes.


For larger areas and bigger jobs (see the Prices page for the Petting Farm options), we bring the whole works. With a queue, large animals’ yard, shelters for kids, parents and animals, critters galore, and staff in proportion to the work load, the Maxi Petting Farm can accommodate swarms of kids – and adults – and provide sight-seeing as a sideline. With up to three staff tending the small animals, one or two with the larger animals, a gatekeeper and occasional forays out by the larger animals for petting, we can have your next big event well under control.


For any event we can custom-design a petting farm, bringing a mixture of your choice in animals (those available) and set-up options.


Please be sure, though, to book us some time beforehand – while we may be able to operate at short notice, it makes it a lot easier for us and ensures we’ll have the staff we need when we can plan ahead.


We are very flexible and can operate almost anywhere, on all sorts of surfaces, in a wide variety of weather types and in all sorts of situations.




We can get pretty much anywhere, even if we have to cart the little animals along in our hands and the little pen on someone’s head. We’re quite a resourceful bunch!


The Animals


For an up-to-date list of the animals available at any one time, please ring us on (03) 5154 3145. Animals we often have include:


Guinea Pigs (adults and pups),



Fluffy chooks,


Goats (adults and kids),

Mini ponies,



And sometimes puppies.


We can’t guarantee that any particular sort of animal we be available at any particular time, though, so ring us to make sure.