We have lots of different dogs here at the moment, but currently only breed poodles. To see which puppies are available/due, check out this page: Dogs For Sale



White Female ~-~ Born: June 2007

Toy X Mini, Toy size though so classed as Toy. Weight: 5.8kg

Chloe was our original poodle, who we got from a relative. She is the queen of the poodles and a very bouncy, friendly and energetic girl, a rough and tumble type poodle. She is quite stocky, which is why she weighs twice as much as our stud male Bakana and is around the same height. Chloe has large litters of puppies, and seems determined to have them regularly. She has had 28 puppies to date, while Prairie, who had her first litter only a month after Chloe, has only had 8 puppies!

Chloe nice and neat:


Chloe slightly scruffy



Black Male ~-~ Born: April 2008

Toy. Weight: 3kg

We bought Bakana when we decided to bo into breeding poodles. He is quite a lightly built boy, and was nervous when we got him, hence his name which means 'look-out' in Aboriginal. He can be quite reserved with strangers at first, and has been since we bought him, but once he knows someone and decides they like him, he is more than happy to hop on their lap and give them a lick. Bakana was pure black when we got him, then changed to black and brown at a year old, then to black with silver, and is now black with a tint of silver on his back and brown on his legs and face when his hair is long. When trimmed, however, he is pure black.

Bakana has had a lot of puppies here and has been out on stud duties to other people's dogs, with over 40 puppies to his name.

Bakana when he was just going black from brown and black



White Female ~-~ Born: May 2008

Miniature. Weight: 5.8kg

Prairie is a tall, elegant girl from show stock, and although she still plays roughly with the other poodles, she is quite ladylike in her manner. She loves a pat and will carefully push her nose into visitors hands when they pat the other poodles. Prairie has spaced her own pregnancies quite far apart, and normally has a small to medium litter, so has only had ten puppies in four litters. She had two black boys in the early hours of the 6th December 2011. Prairie has also now been de-sexed because of the new laws regulating non-desexed female dogs.

This photo certaintly doesn't do Prairie justice, but it is very hard to keep her from racing over too close to the camera and we don't have many nice photos of her


Honey Syrup (aka Honey)

White/cream Female ~-~ Born: 20th June 2009

Toy. Weight: 5.5kg

Honey is a bouncy girl like her mum Chloe, in fact she looks and acts almost identical. When they have both been washed, brushed and then trimmed the same way, it is very difficult to tell them apart even by the way they act. Honey doesn't like to lick legs and hands as much as Chloe though, which is a good way to tell which is which. Honey has had two litters of puppies, 1 boy and 2 girls in the first litter, and 1 boy 3 girls on the 25th October 2011.

Here is Honey as a nicely clipped older puppy, still quite apricot in colour


A cute and scruffy adult Honey, nearly white. Although she doesn't look very elegant here, we have a lot of friends who prefer her looking like this to neatly trimmed.

Farm dogs:

Alyce, 1/2 Blue Heeler, 1/4 Boxer and 1/4 Staffordshire Terrier. A very bouncy and energetic dog, she adores rocks and has worn her teeth down from playing with them. She is very strong and will 'fight' trees for fun, as well as carrying her precious rocks around for people to throw. Alyce had one litter of puppies to a Golden Retriever in Febuary 2011, to try and calm her down. She didn't really calm down, so we haven't had another litter from her and she has since been de-sexed, but all her six puppies have gone to loving homes. Two of Alyce's female puppies are owned by local Vets.


Pace, purebred Kelpie. Pace's goal in life is rounding up poultry, goats, people and other dogs. She has great fun with her occupation and never seems to tire of it. Unfortunately we haven't had her trained to herd properly, but that is probably a blessing for the chooks who only get randomly herded, and even that to their great distaste. Pace has not had any puppies, and was sadly de-sexed in early 2012 because of the new laws which have come in.