Kidding Season in full swing

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We're into the second lot of kiddings here, with Megs and Blossom both giving us huge single does, on the 16th and 17th of October. Malkijah and Misty are already reserved, but oh-so-gorgeous! Heaps of photos of them are on Waygara Livestock and Pet Shop, hopefully I'll get some of them on here too :D Click 'Read More' for the full list of kiddings and some more photos :) This is Spanna, one of Bella's boys.


Full list of kiddings:
Pip, Angora, on the 7th August, single buck kid, Palomides

Ginger, Toggenburg, on the 27th August, triplets, two does, Nutmeg and Cinnamon, and buck, Zhiv's Cumin

Kambi, Anglo Nubian, on the 28th August, twins, buck, Cabra Coracao and doe, Charmant Chevre

Dazzle, Boer, on the 28th August, twins, buck, Gleam, and doe, Sparkle

Mopsy, Boer, on the 29th August, twins, buck, Artos, and doe, Aurelle

Nigella, Toggenburg, on the 30th August, single buck, Nutella

Bella, Toggenburg, on the 7th September, twin bucks, Vargonaut Spanna and Cocoa Apollo

Dollybird, Toggenburg, on the 7th September, twin does, Dovette and Dorushka

Megs, Toggenburg, on the 16th October, single doe, Malkijah

Blossom, Toggenburg, on the 17th October, single doe, Misty
With Cookielah, Flopsy, Jarniah, Mystique and Pookie still to kid! 


Palomides, two month old Angora kid


Gleam, one month old Boer X Anglo Nubian buck kid