First baby goat of the year! :D

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We have a brand new baby here! Croajingalong Pip, a purebred Heritage Angora doe, gave us a gorgeous baby boy on the 9th of August. We have named him Palomides, after one of King Arthur's knights (in honour of his brother Uther, and nephews Lancelot, Percival and Galahad) and he is going really well. :) Click 'Read more' for more information. :D Here he is with some of our other animals at a petting farm. :)

Video coming soon - currently on our Facebook page, :)

He went to his first petting farm on Sunday the 11th, at two days old, and has a number of public appearances at petting farms booked already, including two in Bairnsdale within the week! Update - they both went fantastically! :-D 

The rest of our does are due to start kidding now, at the end of August, with six due in seven days, one in September, six in October, one in November, and one December. :)