New baby goats!!!!

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We've now officially finished 2012 kiddings! Grand total of ten does kidded, for 16 kids.

Dairy goats: 4 does kidded for four buck kids, four doe kids

Angora goats: 4 does kidded for three buck kids, one doe kid

Boer goats: 2 does kidded for two buck kids, two doe kids

Click 'See more' to see a list of all of the does who have kidded, and with what.

Our first doe Mopsy, a Boer X doe, white with pretty spotted ears, was due on the 25th of August, and kidded three days late. She had twins, a white buck and brown and white doe.

Next was Ellie May, an Angora, with a white buck kid, Percival, born on the 30th.
Third was Daphne, another Angora, with a white buck kid, Lancelot, on the 31st August.

Next was Levanna, a third Angora, with a white doe kid, Princess, on the 1st of September.

Next, our first dairy doe for the year, Heidi, a Saanen X, kidded on the 13th with a lovely cream doe kid, Silkeslen. (now sold and named Tilly)

The day after, September 14th, our next chubby little Boer X doe, Flopsy, kidded with twins - pure white buck and doe, Mahli and Mushi. The photo above is her with her newborn twins :D

And the day after we also had a kidding - the last Angora for the year, Abby, with a single white buck kid, Galahad, born 15th September.

Our next dairy doe, a purebred, registered Toggenburg doe named Sunny (and actually herself our first herdbook registered Togg doe kid) kidded on the 28th September with twin doe kids! Both purebred Toggenburgs, so brown with white markings, Sunflower Girl and Sharifs Sunnygirl.

Pookie, our chubby little Toggenburg X girl, was second last, with our only triplets for the year! Born October 30th, one Toggenburg coloured buck, Tornado, one lovely gold Sable Saanen coloured buck, Hurricane, and one beautiful white/grey Sable Saanen coloured doe, Suger Cane

Last, but not least, our first ever goat, Wairewa Midgee, a purebred registered Toggenburg, gave us twin bucks, Sharifs Tyco and Acacia Tyke, on the 12th of December! All finished up until next year!