More Damara lambs!

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A SIXTH ewe lamb has been born! In what looks like our last lambing for the season, Caramel Cream, the same girl who had the pictured ewe lamb - Kontiki - on the 24th of April 2012, has given us a second daughter for the year! This new bubby is white, currently un-named, and born on the 17th of November

Photos of all are on our Sheep for sale page, and more photos of some are on the Our Damaras page. The last and first two (four in total) are still for sale, contact us if interested.


One of our other Damara ewes, Caramel Cream, had a beautiful little daughter on the 24th of April 2012 - our first lamb for the year. Caramel's lamb has been named Kontiki, and she is white with creamy brown head, shoulders and front legs and brown socks on all four feet. She will be for sale when she is weaned. She will be around $300, a very good quality girl who should be a great breeder.

Another of our Damara ewes, Marauda, had our second ewe lamb of this year, on the 24th May 2012! She is white with brown patches over her eyes and a small, almost black 'saddle'. Her name is Safari, and she is being bottle fed, so is extremly friendly and would make a great pet - she adores people!


Dapple had our third, a black and white splashed girl now sold and named Lolly, on the 7th July. Carooky had our fourth, almost pure black with a white foot and tail, on the 18th July, and later the same day, Cowrie had a white baby girl with a black head! Caramel started the next round of lambings, giving birth to a pretty white daughter on the 1th of November. It appears the other girls are not currently in lamb, so probably no more lambs until April/May next year :)