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Waygara Petting Farm Animals

We've got heaps of animals at the moment, and many of them come to our petting farms. Currently, goats, sheep, chicks, rabbits and guinea pigs are the 'staples', with ducklings and puppies in smaller numbers most of the time, and ponies, calves and alpacas occasionally. For more information about which animals for which petting farms, check out 'Petting Farm prices' or to have a look at all of our animals, go to Waygara Stud ( where there are lots of photos and much more information.

A quick sampling of some of our beautiful animals:

An assortment of Alpacas

A group of goats

Some sheep

A group of guinea pigs

A pair of puppies

A chubby crowd of chicks

Rascally rabbits

And lastly - some gorgeous goaties