On the 24th of August 2012 our first foal was been born!!! Ebony foaled with a gorgeous chestnut filly who we have named Bonita. This little girl has white socks/stockings and a mostly-white tail, but chestnut mane, and is now well experienced with many petting farm 'under her belt'. ;) Photos to come!

We currently have six Mini Ponies, and one Shetland mare.

Our ponies take rides at some Petting Farms, and we are also breeding a few. All of the ponies who take rides are gentle and good with children, and many horse-shy children have gotten up their courage to ride our girls and boys. :D

Noah ~-~ Mini Stallion

Colour: Chestnut with flaxen mane and tail ~-~ Born: Early 2006.

Noah is one of our main pony ride ponies at the moment, but since he is a stallion he works best by himself or with our gelding, Black Jack. We have sold his daughter Izzy, and both Ebony and Lily are in foal to him, due in late 2012. Noah is quite short, only a tiny bit taller than Lily and several inches shorter than Black Jack.

Noah is a great little guy for rides, and although he isn't very comfortable with loud noises and sudden movements, he is a quiet, dependable boy for rides normally and has done four hours straight before. He did have one petting farm where he proved us wrong and wouldn't do anything except graze for the first part, but everyone has their uncooperative days, and he did start taking rides later in the piece, so it was probably just to do something different. :)

Here is Noah on the 20th of February 2012


This is Noah ready for riding:

Noah with a saddle on

We normally ride him bareback, but for taking rides he wears a 'pony pad' or saddle with his saddle blanket.


Dreamcatcher Lilli, aka 'Lily' ~-~ Registered Mini Mare

Colour: Chestnut with flaxen mane and tail ~-~ Born: 31st March 2002

Lily is a short and round little mare, pretty much bombproof. She is very cute, and our shortest adult pony, quite good for rides but so plump and short that she tires quickly. Lily had a Chestnut colt to Noah on the 24th of October 2012, but sadly due to a traumatic birth, poor little Centurion passed away at three days old. :( Lily has recovered really well, and adopted Bonita as her special charge, which is really sweet. She is now back taking rides, and has become one of our best workers. :D


This is Lil on the 20th of February 2012


Debrose Black Jack ~-~ Registered Mini Gelding

Colour: Black ~-~ Born: October 2005

Jack is a very sweet and friendly boy, and possibly our tallest pony - we haven't measured him against Asia Bibi, our Shetland Mare, but he is as tall or taller than all of the Minis and looks around the same as Asia. He had never been ridden before we bought him, but we have now ridden him quite a bit and he is now one of our main riding ponies, doing pony rides both by himself and with Noah. Jack is Lily's son.

This is Jack on the 20th of February 2012

One of the younger Waygara Petting Farm staff giving Jack a workout - we broke him in with just a few gentle rides, and he has, as yet, never had a bridle or bit, even when being ridden.


Ebony ~-~ Mini Mare

Colour: Black ~-~ Born: 2005.

Ebony is a medium height mare, quite friendly and recently foaled to Noah, on the 24th of August 2012. This latest baby, another filly named Bonita, is chestnut with white socks/stockings.

We have ridden her, but not much since we have plenty of others for riding and she has been pregnant, although she did get a bit of work at our biggest-ever petting farm in December 2012. Ebony had another foal, Izzy, in 2010, who we bought with her parents, and sold at the end of 2011.

Ebony on the 20th of February 2012


Asia Bibi ~-~ Shetland Mare

Colour: Black~-~ Born: 2004.

Asia, previously known as Hermiony, is an elegant Shetland who has been trained to harness. We have not yet ridden her or driven her in harness, but have bought a buggy for her and will hopefully later offer pony jinker/buggy rides with her. Photo is her in winter coat, so quite fluffy, while she is now sleek and shiny.


Cosmo Pixis ~-~ Mini Filly

Colour: Chestnut ~-~ Born: 2009

Cosmo is an utterly adorable, tiny sweetie who is both innocent and cheekie. She will hopefully be used for rides and possibly later for harness, if she will fit our goat buggy/jinker.
Below is Cosmo in her fluffy winter coat, chubby and scruffy :D 



Izzy ~-~ Yearling Filly

Colour: Black ~-~ Born: 15th of October 2010

Dad: Noah ~-~ Mum: Ebony

Izzy is a very cute little girl, now a year and a half old. She hadn't been handled much when we got her, and after we had trimmed her hooves and put a halter on her, she held a grudge for a while. However, hanging around with the tame and people-loving bucks for a few months seems to have been just what she needed, and she has since become a lot tamer and led perfectly when we moved her, instead of her extremely stubborn behaviour before going in with the goats. We started handling her a lot and she went really well, a sweet natured and friendly girl now, so different to her wary self several months before. Izzy was sold to some friends, who are very happy with her.