Kudumba Crysanthium Blossom

Blossom is another of my special babies. Above is her as a kid, about four months old. She was one of twin doe kids born to Kudumba Crystl Spring, who was my first live doe kid. Blossom's twin Droplet had a white star, so I sold her, and then Blossom's mum, grand mother and great-grand mother all died within eight months, leaving Blossom as the last of her line. Blossom was a naughty girl and got in kid when she shouldn't have, at seven months old, which severly stunted her growth. Since I didn't discover that she was pregnant until four months along, I couldn't give her lots of food without making her baby to big too be born. As a consequence, Blossom was very skinny but it was a good thing I hadn't fed her more as we had a terrible time pulling her baby, Kindle Bublet, our of her on the 6th September 2011 - exactly a year after Blossom's grand-mother Misty had kidded with triplets.

Blossom grew enough for me to be comfortable for her to kid again, even while putting on weight and milking constantly since kidding nearly two years before. I decided to breed her to my handsome young buck kid, Kudumba Acacia Tyke, and she gave me a beautiful huge doe kid, with minimal assistance needed, on the 17th of October 2013. :) I have named her Misty, still to decide on a second name, after her great grandmother who she looks amazingly like. :)



Born: 17th August 2010


Sire's sire's sire: Spatzle Pteris

Sire's sire: Salisa Thomas

Sire's sire's dam: A.CH. Glenforslan Nardia

Sire: Murrungowar Zhivargo

Sire's dam's sire: Toggalong Johannzen

Sire's dam: Murrungowar Hannah

Sire's dam's dam: A.CH. Murrungowar Hailee


Dam's sire's sire: Little Boy

Dam's sire: Waygara Tauphan

Dam's sire's dam: Wairewa Ginger

Dam: Kudumba Crystl Spring

Dam's dam's sire: Bailey Billyboy

Dam's dam: Kudumba Misty

Dam's dam's dam: Mirragong Apple Blossom



2011: to Zhivargo, Kindle Bublet, buck kid, on 6th September

2013: to Tyke, Misty, doe kid, on the 17th October


Photos of her with Misty are to come, here is her first baby. :)