Guinea pigs for sale/photo page

Here are some more photos of our guinea pigs - all are for sale at time of writing, but do check before planning to get one as I don't always bother to update the page when we sell one guinea pig.

Of the below boys, several of them and several the same as them are available.

Some of the boys

All of the medium boys on December the 17th (3 of these boys still available)


Another photos of some of the boys (boy in the middle still for sale)

Sold Guinea pigs:

(all of these photos taken on the 17th of December)

Westley 3 in front of his triplet brother (father, Silverado, mother, Adelaide 3, born 25th October 2011)

2 girls (father, Flynn-Eugene, mother, Cap 2, born 9th November 2011)


Two girls, left girl born 5th November 2011 (father Silverado, mother Ceduna) right girl born 22nd November 2011 (father Silverado, mother Cadbury) Cadbury had a pair almost identical to these two, the black and orange a boy though and the brown a girl, in April 2012, of which both are available.


Girl born 25th October 2011 (father Silverado, mother Adelaide 3) She is sold, but we have one like her available