Guinea Pigs

We have heaps of guinea pigs,Sheba Yak and Abyssinian crosses, as well as smooth coated and Teddy Bear styles, in many different colours. These little cuties make great pets, the new babies are always a hit with little people and the pups are also born fully furred and ready to zoom around.

Babies (from 4 weeks) are $10 each, but adult males are discounted to $5 each. All of our girl guinea pigs free range now, and roam in little herds around our large yard. We have lots of girls, boys and babies for sale.

A list of all our current breeding and retained guinea pigs is up, along with their colours and which girls have been in with which boys, so you can choose babies for breeding more easily, and browse the colours and hair-styles in our breeding adults. Only a few photos are in there currently, but more to come.

At the moment, we have all of our breeding females loose and put them with one of our three main stud males when we would like some more. There are a few babies currently and lots due soon.

If you are wanting to breed, I can provide nearly unrelated guinea pigs, and if you are interested, I can show you their genealogy - some of them up to the fifth and sixth generation. A birth certificate (with birth date, parents, etc.) can also be provided.

Some photos of our guinea pig babies

A few photos of Sabotage's six from November 2011

The orange and grey baby at the front is now one of our breeding females, Westliyah. Her grey and orange brother, at the back right, was Westley 3 and was sold in March 2012. (all of the others were sold well beforehand)



A little trivia and some updates of our guinea pigs

Our oldest (but still young) stud male, Silverado, had thirty-four babies as at January 2012 and they have been stunning, with grey, white and orange, some with red eyes, and the three biggest batches we have ever had, but we've since had so many I havne't bothered counting. :) Flynn-Eugene, a young black and orange spiky boy, had his first babies born,which were all been brown, some smooth and some spiky, but lately he has been having some beautiful different colours in his babies. We have sold some adutlt breeding females but are keeping more young ones and will have more adult girls than we've had before; we've got ten females, soon to be eleven, with three different stud males.

Our last babies from old stud male Sydney (black and orange, the guinea pig pictured on the top banner) were born on the 14th September 2011.

Baby updates: (just a few from 2011)

15th November 2011

Yesterday we had our record size litter, SIX babies, born! Their mum is Sabotage, a black smooth girl, and their dad is Silverado, our grey smooth boy with red eyes. All 5 boys and 1 girl are doing well. :)

Here is a photo of Sabotage's babies at one day old:

Sabotage's babies


29th November 2011

On the 22nd November we had our biggest batch to date, EIGHT babies! Unfortunately the two tiniest bubs didn't make it, but the other six are all well and bouncy. There were 5 boys and 3 girls, with 3 boys and 3 girls surviving and growing well, and mum Cadbury well too.


6th December 2011

Another five babies born yesterday to Ceduna, a fourth-generation girl of ours. 3 girls and 2 boys, one of each red-eyed and all smooth coated with nice colours. This is her second litter, and one of her daughters is now pregnant to Flynn-Eugene.

1st February 2012

Four more litters have been born since the 5th December, but I'll probably make another page for new updates since there are so many!

May 18th 2012:

So many litters have been born I can barely keep track, at least a dozen litters this year. I will eventually get time to make another page for new babies for sale, but currently, if you are wanting a particular guinea pig, you'd be best emailing me and if I don't have one at the moment, have a look through our list of breeding guinea pigs and see what colour/styles you like best and we'll see if they have babies like that. :)