Sold Goats

We have sold quite a lot of goats in the time we have been keeping goats, and here are a few of them: more, hopefully all, will be listed here eventually, when I have time. What they were when we sold them (doe, kid, buck etc.) is listed beside their name.



Waygara Little Fawn (doe kid)

SkyDreams Hard Yakka (wether kid)

SkyDreams Blackberry (wether kid)

SkyDreams Bambalina (doe kid)

Waygara Molasses Syrup (doe kid)

Waygara Trumpeter (wether kid)

Waygara Star-rise (doe kid)

Waygara Osprey (wether kid)

Waygara Sea Eagle (wether kid)

Kudumba MountainPeek (buck kid)

Waygara Frolic (doe)

Waygara Tweedie (doe)



Waygara Jintabell (doe)

Waygara River Gum (doe)

Waygara Bebida (doe)

Waygara Cookie (doeling)

Waygara Moonrise (doe)

Waygara Bonnie (doe)

Waygara Tambourine (doeling)

Kudumba Crystl Droplet (doe kid)

Waygara Moonbeam (doe kid)

Kudumba Frosty Petal (doe kid)

Waygara Sharifs Squishyboy (buck kid)

Waygara Chocolate Chip (buck kid)

Waygara Chocolate Fudge (wether kid)

Kudumba Misty Canyon (wether kid)

Kudumba Crystl Ravine (wether kid)

Kudumba Lightning Ridge (wether kid)

Kudumba Thunder Egg (wether kid)

Kudumba Opal (doe kid)

Kudumba Rubicon (doe kid)

Waygara Luna-Boy (wether kid)

Waygara Typhoon (wether kid)

Waygara Mayro (wether kid)

Waygara Wallace (wether kid)



Waygara Tauphan (buck)

Wilara Jahlil (buckling)

SkyDreams Rejoice (doe)

Kudumba Simanon (wether kid)

Darcy (wether kid)

Kudumba Kindle Bublet (wether kid)

Walter Disco (wether kid)

Disney Waltz (wether kid)



Litte Bub (wether kid)

Quinn (buck)

Sky Lark (doe)

Prince (wether kid)