SkyDreams Zhivella

Sky, as Zhivella is known, is a beautiful, elegant young girl and almost identical to her mother. She has one toggle on her ear, like an earing, and has her mother's presence.

Sky was also a naughty girl as a kid and got pregnant. However, she got acidosis on the 17th of September 2011, two months before her due date on the 18th of November 2011, and aborted her twins. Because of this, she gained weight again and started growing, so is not stunted like her poor little older sister Blossom, who is a sweet but tiny doe. Sky has a very nice udder, and though obviously not producing heaps since she was only a yearling who had an abortion, she has been making 1.5-2 litres a day.


Sadly, since we had too many goats, we sold Sky in mid 2012. She has now settled in wonderfully and kidded with twin doe kids!


Born: 8th September 2010


Sire's sire's sire: Spatzle Pteris

Sire's sire: Salisa Thomas

Sire's sire's dam: A.CH. Glenforslan Nardia

Sire: Murrungowar Zhivargo

Sire's dam's sire: Toggalong Johannzen

Sire's dam: Murrungowar Hannah

Sire's dam's dam: A.CH. Murrungowar Hailee


Dam's sire's sire: ? (Toggenburg)

Dam's sire: Unregistered Toggenburg buck

Dam's sire's dam: ? (Toggenburg)

Dam: SkyDreams Bella

Dam's dam's sire: A.CH. Blue Brook Shylo

Dam's dam: Wairewa Midgee

Dam's dam's dam: Wairewa Rubi Rue


Photos to come