SkyDreams Bella

Bella is a purebred Toggenburg, but her dad wasn't registered so she can only be registered D grade. Bella is a beautiful girl, one of our two first goats, and originally the boss of our herd until we took her horns off with rings in 2009-2010. She was a regal and majestic girl, and a very good leader and matriarch, but horns are dangerous and she could, and did, accidently hurt us and the other goats, plus we had shown her with her horns and she was placed lower because of them, so we made the sad desicion to take them off. Above is her as a yearling in early 2008.

Bella had our first triplets in 2009, after twins as a first timer in 2008, and then had another set of twins (her first kids to a registered buck) in 2010. We registered her doe kid, SkyDreams Zhivella (known only as Sky) and Bella got the year off in 2011. She will hopefully be kidding again in 2012.

Bella has a good udder, though not as much capacity as some other people's goats, we think 3.5-4.5 litres is quite fine for her and she has nice attachment with neat and well-placed teats.

Bella's daughter Sky has an almost identical udder to her mother as a yearling first kidder, and we are quite pleased with her.


Born: September 2006


Sire: unregistered Toggenburg buck

Dam: Wairewa Midgee



2008: Kamakazi and Babe, 26th September

2009: Hard Yakka, Blackberry and Bambalina, 23rd August

2010: Embargo and SkyDreams Zhivella, 8th September