Kudumba Megs

Megs was my first personal goat, and quite a special little girl to me, despite being a naughty rascal. The above photo is her at two years old, about 300 days into her first lactation after a C-section.

Megs is in the same position as Bella, having an unregistered but purebred Toggenburg dad with a registered mum. She has also been registered D grade, and also had her horns removed with rings.

Megs with one horn at the end of 2009:

The following is a bit of information about my baby, written in 2009.


'I got Megs as a ten month old kid a few months after we bought her mother. She was as big as a six month old and VERY wild. It took a week or so of feeding her grain and calling her name until I could touch her nose. Soon she learned her name and day by day she let me touch more and more of her body. After about two months she was nearly as tame as most of the others, though it was a battle before I could touch her teats when she was on the milking stand.


After a while of massaging her teats each day on the milking stand she started making milk. When she had been a maiden milker for about three months we started feeding her half brother Tauphan off her and soon he was taking all her milk. At the end of April 08 I started drying her up and a few days later she got pregnant. On the 23rd of September 08 she went into labor but had such a small pelvis that she had to have a Caesarean and her doe kid, Kudumba Gem, was dead. She adopted me as her kid and mothered me (washing my face, following me EVERYWHERE, trying desperately to get inside after me and leading me around) for a few months.'


Megs has very nice, but fine, conformation and a beautiful, short 'show' coat. She has a nice udder but her teats could do with being bigger - I suspect that the sire used for both Midgee and Ginger to produce Bella and Megs had genetics for extremely small teats, as Midgee and Ginger both have very large teats while their daughters, Bella and Megs, have quite small teats. Megs milks up to 4.5 litres a day, but normally 3-4 litres.


After her disastrous first kidding, I was very reluctant to have her kid again for fear she would need a caesarian. However, I was given no choice when I discovered in September 2010 that she had been bred by two escapee bucks, Zhivargo and Rousty, when they had escaped three months previously. As it turned out, when she kidded on the 9th November 2010, both had bred her and she had our first ever quads, with three kids being Zhivargo's and the last being a daughter of Rousty.

Megs with her quads - in order of birth: Lightning Ridge, Thunder Egg, Rubicon, Opal


Megs kidded again in 2011, but having had quads the year before, she only had a single buck kid who I named Simanon, after a friend whose birthday he was born on. Below is her with Simanon

 Megs is getting on now, a matronly seven years old, which is very difficult to believe of my little scared kid!  She just kidded again, on the 16th of October 2013, with a lovely huge purebred doe (again to Zhivargo) who I have named Malkijah. Photos to come. :D


Born: September 2006


Sire: Unregistered Toggenburg buck

Dam: Wairewa Ginger


2008, to Tauphan, Gem on the 23rd September

2010, to Zhivargo and Rousty, Lightning Ridge, Thunder, Rubicon and Opal on the 9th November

2011, to Zhivargo, Simanon on the 26th August

2013, to Zhivargo, Malkijah on the 16th October