Goat information

I've been collating information and advice about goats which I have written over the past years, and I have been planning for quite a long time to make it available for others.

So, here it finally is! I've still only got five articles finished now, but feel free to email/contact me if you don't want to wait for the others to eventually arrive or if you want to clarify what I mean by something. Some articles overlap others, as each was designed to be a stand-alone on a particular topic/group of topics, covering all necessary information.

I hope what I've written is useful, and happy goat keeping to fellow goat keepers, from a self-professed 'goat addict'. :)


First things first:

Basic introduction to goats (dairy specific) and their requirements

Specific information for Boers

Specific information for Angoras 

Before you buy a goat: from us 


General care:





Goat chores:


Hoof trimming





Shearing, crutching and other mohair stuff

Removing horns with rings

Selling your precious pals (the goat ones)


Breeding goats:

Mating and general info

Pregnancy - how to tell, what to expect, and what to do

Birthing - preparation, assistance, and help for worried first timers (goat and human)

Bottle raising kids to be friendly, loving members of the family, general info

More raising kids - my method

Raising and training bucks in particular to be gentle, friendly and safe


Having fun and useful goats:

Training goats for tricks, pack, riding and harness