Here is our Goats section! We have quite a lot of different goats. We have been breeding the Dairy goats (mainly Toggenburgs, with a few Anglo Nubians, Saanens and crossbreds at different times) for quite a few years now.
Below: Saanen doe Frolic with kids Seaspray (white wether) and Moonrise (dark doe) in January 2009

We currently have purebred, registered Toggenburgs, plus unregistered and crossbred other dairy breeds. We also have Boer goats, a meat breed, and Angoras, a fleece breed.
Below: Two Anglo Nubian kids (Roustabout, golden buck, and Duvvessa, dark doe) in late 2009 

In my years of goat-keeping, I've personally been advising and helping many other people with their goats, and have written quite a lot about their care, training, breeding and more. Since I still have quite a lot of people wanting me to advise them about their goats, I decided to make a public place where others could look up my information on various goat - and other animal - related topics. I've only recently started getting it up, with two Goat articles to date, but feel free to contact me for more information. :D

Below, Tweedie, crossbred doe kid, in early 2008

For more information and photos of our individual goats, as well as our groups of goats, check out the menu system on the left. For example, to see the individual bucks' pages, first click on 'Our Goats' and then click on 'Bucks', or for 2010 kids, click on 'Our Goats', then 'Kids' and then '2010 Kids'.

Some of the herd in Winter 2009:

A few of the goats in Autumn 2010:

Twinkle Surprise, one of our wethers, with the goat Jinker in late 2010, still rather messy and before the seat and a few other pieces were added


Mishak, Saanen X wether kid, in early 2011 


Misty feeding Tauphan, mid 2008