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Educational Petting Farms

Petting Farms are a lot of fun! But more than that, they are an experience to widen the eyes and understanding of children - and adults - in so many ways! Knowing this, we have designed some educational options for our Petting Farms. Perfect for schools, home-ed groups, family learning and more!


The Farm Experience

In this two-part experience, kids and carers see a demonstration of various different animals and their characteristics, before heading in to the Petting Farm and handling the animals themselves.

The demonstration consists of animals being shown to the kids while the handlers talk about the animal, its country of origin, what people use them for, and some cool facts. Then it's question time! Animals are 'demonstrated' one or two at a time, before being led back to the pen (on site). Animals may include: meat and fleece sheep, meat, fleece and dairy goats, alpacas, various breeds of rabbits and guinea pigs, various chickens and ducks.

The kids then proceed to the Petting Farm, where they get to hold baby guinea pigs, rabbits and chicks.


The Animal Induction

If you've got pony-mad kids on your hands, or if your family wanting to 'get into goats', or if your educational group is focusing on chickens, this half-hour to 2 hour option is the Petting Farm for you.

This is where you get to meet up with your animal of choice and learn all about them. If you choose the goats option, we bring along goats of various ages and breeds, talk you through them and give you a milking lesson! If you choose ponies, get ready to ride around - learn how to saddle up, hold the reins, and brush a pony down, while you learn along with us. In the Chicken Induction, we'll bring along all sorts of chooks, big and little, frizzled and smooth, blue egg layers and brown! Learn about feed options and how smart a 'bird brain' actually is. in 'Varied Poultry', check out feathers from all sorts of birds and actual specimens of some, from the guinea fowl and peacock to the chicken and duck.

Animal Induction choices include: Goat, Pony, Sheep, Chicken, Varied Poultry, and Guinea Pigs and Rabbits. Hopefully coming soon, Alpacas.


  • Our Inductions are basic level. We do have show animals, and a lot of experience, but this setting allows only for basic Inductions.

  • The Pony option is literally that, Mini Ponies. We sadly do not have larger horses at this stage, nor the expertise to conduct inductions on them.

  • For a custom combination of Animal Inductions, contact us!


The Farm Smorgasbord

No, we don't actually provide any edible options! In the Smorgasbord, you get to wander up and down a row of animals, and ask questions and pet the animals at your leisure. Perfect for older kids who have their own interests in certain creatures. (Could be combined with a Mini Petting Farm for a double-whammie!) With various goats, sheep, alpacas and ponies as well as representatives from the guinea pig and rabbits breeds, everyone gets to focus on learning about and handling their favourite animals.


Additional Options


Goat milking - demonstration and, for older patrons, lessons in milking a goat. Good for rotating large numbers of kids within other set-ups.

$25 per hour - travel applies only if not purchased as part of a set-up.


Spinning - demonstration and, for older patrons, lessons in spinning fleece on a traditional spinning wheel (upright, traveler or both). Scenic addition to markets, fetes and more! Each learning spinner gets to keep the bit of yarn they spun, whether in goat (mohair), alpaca or sheep fleece.

$25 per hour - negotiable in some circumstances. Travel applies only if not purchased as part of a set-up.


Take-home items and memoirs:

  • PDF and/or master copy of colour-in cards for kids, with fleece/feather samples to be stuck in each child's card - perfect for a short activity in the classroom/home after the Petting Farm

  • Short worksheets for educational groups and/or older students, general animals or applicable to the Animal Induction farms

  • Peacock, guinea fowl and rooster feathers, fleece samples and more!

  • Prices on request - very reasonable! Contact us for examples!

On The Cards

These are options we are looking at developing. Contact us if you're interested!

Experience Australia's Animal History - First Fleet onwards!

Animals (and handlers) for hire – for participation in re-enactments, plays and dramas, etc.

Wool for Wearing – from the goat, alpaca or sheep to a spinning wheel or spindle, to the knitting needle or crochet hook, traditional felting from raw fleece, dyeing (fully safe) and more. Learn about and experience - fleece!

Photographic Evidence - get designer photos of the kids with the animals! Instantly printed, high-quality photos, in full colour and/or old-time style. Photos with the baby animals, watching the demonstrations, milking a goat - or fulfill each little cowboy/cowgirl's dream! Options of the full regalia - fitted cowboy hat on helmet, boots, western saddle, buckaroo's vest and belt buckle - or opt for the reality look, the kids with a pony and a smile.