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Some of our list from 2011 - for more information, check out our current Poultry for sale page or contact us. :)



Fattened roosters:

From $5-$15 each. These roosters have been fed specially for several months and are way bigger than any you will buy in the shops. We onlt have a few available of different breeds and colours - you can take one for breeding if you like instead.


Jungle Fowl:

One rooster and lots of Jungle Fowl X roosters. (crossed with Frizzle or Wyandotte)



One day - one week old chicks available most of the time, plus two young adult roosters and lots more chicks due to hatch. Chicks are $4 each or three for $10, the roosters are $8 each

Here is a photo of Jasock, our rooster, and Matey Girl, one of his hens.

There is a silky chick near the middle of this photo.


Silver and Gold Pencilled Wyandottes:

When the hens start laying, I will have eggs hatching, plus I have one purebred cockeral and several X roosters available. Some chicks are/will be 13/16ths Silver Pencilled and 3/16ths Gold Pencilled/Partridge Wyandotte, other chicks are/will be 15/16ths Silver Pencilled and 1/16th Gold Pencilled Wyandotte. Some chicks will be Gold, and some Silver. Chicks are $5 each or three for $12. Purebred (and mainly Silver with a little Gold) cockeral is $10.

One of our 3/4 Silver Pencilled, 1/4 Partridge Wyandotte hens as a chick



Crossbred layers (standard/full size):

LOTS of crossbred cockerals, all different colours and crosses. I have been moving my poultry business more towards these little cuties, and I've actually currently got a waiting list.

These chicks are a mox of Isa Brown, Black Hyline, Rhode Island Red, Light Sussex and more. Most of the hens are Isa Browns, with a few others, and there is one Light Sussex X rooster and one Rhode Island Red rooster in with them. I get a variety of cream, gold, brown, red, black and grey chicks.

To be put on the waiting list for these bubs, send me an email or give me a ring and let me know how many you would like. They are $3.50 each or 3 for $9. (for example, 10 chicks for $30.50, or 12 chicks for $36)

Here is a photo of many and various chicks - the roosters I have at the moment looked like these, and crossbred chicks to hatch will look similar to some of these, so if you see one you like, email me about it and I can tell you what breed/crossbreed it is and what is available. Most of the ones below are Wyandotte, Silkie and Jungle fowl or crossbreds of them.


Bantam crossbreds:

I have a 'pretties' pen, with one full size (Black Hyline/Australorp) rooster, one bantam (Jungle Fowl X Silkie rooster) and one Jungle Fowl X Silky hen, one Jungle Fowl/Pekin X Silky hen, one Pekin X Orpington hen, one Pekin/Orpington X Frizzle (smooth feathered) hen, and one Frizzle X Jungle Fowl hen. Chicks from here will be cute and from bantam to nearly full size, depending on what cross they are, may have pom poms and feathered feet, and have a slight chance of being frizzled.

They should all be good layers, however they will lay smaller eggs, so are less popular and I do not currently have a waiting list for them. Chicks are $3 each or five for $12.



One rooster with a faulty leg (was broken as a chick but he gets around fine) if you are willing to look after him and have a small pen so he can catch the hens. He is $10 and is an adult. 3/4 Aracauna chicks  will be available, and when my purebred hens start laying I will also have purebred Aracauna chicks for sale. Chicks will be $3-5 each.



Many Frizzle roosters, most Frizzle cross something else. All of these are frizzled and look like purebreds, and colours range from black with gold and grey with gold to creamy yellow/buff and red brown. Also, I will be hatching pretty much purebreds at the end of the year hopefully - I've got four hens, so when they start laying I'll start hatching eggs. Chicks will be $3-5 each.

Both of these roosters are available




Four Muscovie ducks are currently available, $15 each. They are all white, one or two are adult and the others are young adult.

This is a photo of some Muscovies who we had and have now sold - the drake was Edinbrough, the girls were Darl, Mia and Snout. the girls who are currently available look very similar to these.


Indian Runner Ducks:

None currently available, however any I hatch are $15 at one day old



Crossbred ducks: (Applyard X Coal ducks, small multicoloured ducks)

Currently only four drakes (young adults, black, cream, grey and white) available, for $15 each.

Baby ducklings due soon - they will be around $10 each when little.


Guinea Fowl:

One or two adult females, $20 each. One 'girl-boy' available, a girl who thinks it is a boy and looks and acts like a male. (not fertile obviously though) He/she is $5, keets are $5-15 and other adults are $20 each.

All are Pearl, however I'm hoping to have some Pearl pied and Lavender babies available later this year.


Pea Fowl:

None available currently, hopefully some babies will be available at the end of the year.