Waygara Tambourine

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This is Tam, a beautiful doe born to Tweedie, and our only daughter from her sweet little mother before we sold her. Tam is the full sister of our cart wether Twinkle Surprise, and has a twin brother, Trumpeter.

Tambourine accidentally got in kid (although to the right buck) at around seven months old, and we sold her shortly before kidding at a little over 12 months old. She kidded with twins, a doe and buck, for her new owners and was milking very well and was very happy last I heard - she was sold to the same people as her sisters Bonnie and Moonrise and auntie Cookie. I was sent photos of her kids, and her daughter especially was a stunner, just like Tam as a baby with the same elegant face and expression.

Sire's sire's sire: Toggalong Johannzen

Sire's sire: Little Boy (unreg Togg)

Sire's sire's dam: Murrungowar Neroli

Sire: Waygara Tauphan

Sire's dam's sire: Blue Brook Shylo

Sire's dam: Wairewa Ginger

Sire's dam's dam: Wairewa Rubi Rue


Dam's sire's sire: Toggenburg X British Alpine

Dam's sire: Toggenburg X British Alpine X Boer

Dam's sire's dam: Boer

Dam: Waygara Tweedie

Dam's dam's sire: ?

Dam's dam: Waygara Frolic

Dam's dam's dam: ?




Twins, to Murrungowar Zhivargo