Waygara Rail Trail Stop

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Welcome to Waygara Rail Trail stop!

We are located in East Gippsland, between Orbost and Nowa Nowa, and are looking to set up a coffe stop on the Rail Trail in the next few months. Check back for updates!



New additions - Alpacas!

Yesterday (11th February) we went and picked up our ten alpacas! We have one older girl an her baby at our place and the rest all together in another paddock. There are two adult stud males, six adult females (five pregnant and the other one too old) and two babies, a male and a female. Three are white/cream, and the rest are from gold to black, some with white markings.

On a side note, Buttercup, our only multi-coloured and ultra-scruffy female guinea pig, also had her first babies! A beautiful black spiky girl, a brown scruffy boy and a brown smooth boy. Both of the boys are for sale, but I am keeping the little girl.

Here are some of our Alpacas:


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Waygara For Sale

Currently we don't have much for sale other than LOTS of guinea pigs, a few muscovies, and a purebred Damara ewe lamb who will be available in several months. We do have goats due to kid later this year, and fleece sheep due to lamb any day, so if you are interested, email me.